Commercial Skylights

Commercial Skylights

Commercial Skylights

Commercial and Industrial markets are focused on delivering quality to their consumers and value to their shareholders by improving profitability by means of innovative, flexible and practical management solutions.

By enhancing the retail atmosphere in facilities ranging from wide-ranging merchandise to food retailers, companies can use the savings accrued from commercial skylights to capitalize projects created to improve merchandise presentation and sales.

This ultimately increases the financial statement. Industrial consumers from aerospace manufacturing to commercial farm food production can directly take advantage of a combined approach to the reduction of utility lighting expenses by installing commercial skylights.

Federal, state and municipal governments are the largest purchasers of energy in the world. As the operator of over 500,000 buildings the Federal Government spends a minimum of $8 billion per annum for energy, and the cost of that energy goes on to rise. The Energy Policy Act of 1992 establishes a couple of Federal agency goals and requirements pertaining to Federal facilities. Executive Order 13123 mandates that all agencies decrease energy utilization by at least 35 percent on a square foot basis, compared to a 1985 baseline, by the year 2010. The opportunities to decrease emissions and to improve efficiency in buildings and vehicles are almost unlimited.  Commercial skylights could be a large part of those required savings.

State, city, town and county agencies are directly responsible for more than 36% of the nation’s energy consumption. The Energy Policy Act of 1992 identifies the critical energy role that states, cities, towns and counties play on the front line of initiating and deploying energy efficient technologies and procedures. States are mandated to incorporate cost-effective, energy efficient purchases and encouraged to meet the national target of reducing energy consumption 30% by 2010. In order to meet this target, changing local needs, economic conditions and deteriorating facilities, these agencies are searching to form partnerships with private industry to leverage funding possibilities. By incorporating these procedures they can promote a cost-effective energy efficient measure at their facilities which saves tax dollars.

Installing commercial skylights would set an example and save taxpayer dollars.

Solar Tubular Skylights can assist commercial, industrial and government agencies with all of their energy lighting needs and offers a complete service portfolio that incorporates a solution for every requirement. The Solar Tubular Skylights staff has vast project experience with many government agencies, both military and civilian. Our professionals can successfully deliver services, in many types of facilities including: warehouses, administrative buildings, housing, offices, residential, and laboratories.

Commercial skylights continue to save energy year after year once they have been installed.


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