Benefits of Tubular Skylights

tubular skylights

Tubular Skylights

You can now bring brilliant sunlight into the interior of your home or offices with tubular skylights.

The benefits of using natural sun light are that they reduce your utility bill and you help the environment by going green. Going Green means you’re using renewable energy sources like solar, wind, etc.

Tubular skylights work in a very basic way.

The dome collects sunlight and the sunlight travels by way of the reflecting tubes in to the ceiling where it is spread throughout the room. This delivers natural sun light from the ceiling to the floor without any color distortions to bring out the true beauty of your home decor.

On sunny days a solar tubular skylight can provide the equivalent of 738 watts of incandescent light. On cloudy days you can be provided with 100 to 180 watts of light.

Tubular skylights are best for bathrooms, closets, pantries, long dark hallways, dens or any dark areas of your home or office.  Solar tubular skylights can include baffles to regulate the amount of incoming light.  Solar tubular skylights can include a light kit for lighting during the evening.   By using solar tubular skylights in a dark room you will help eliminate mold and mildew.

Tubular skylights emit more light than traditional skylights because a dome collects and sends sunlight down a highly reflective, cylindrical tube that runs from the roof down into a room.  This provides the luminance of full spectrum lighting.  The lights are designed with a sealed shaft that minimizes the transfer of heat or cold into the home.  Some manufacturers are providing 15 years to 25 years warranty on solar tubular sky lites.

Tubular skylights take less time to install than traditional skylights.  Structural changes are not needed to install tubular skylights because they fit between the rafters and ceiling joints.  They also take up less space on the roof.

The tubular skylight does not fade the color of the carpet or furniture because the solar tubular skylight blocks UVB and UVC radiation that fades the color of furniture and carpet.  Other benefits of solar tubular skylights are:

  1. Improves moods and fights depression
  2. Boosts energy and increases production levels considering people often spend over 80% of the day indoors which is key to improving productivity and health.
  3. Makes interior spaces appear larger
  4. Renders true colors which is important in applying makeup (color “true to the eye”)
  5. Reduces eyestrain
  6. Conserves energy
  7. Brings the outdoors in
  8. Solar tubular skylights are pollution and maintenance free.  With a little investment in a tubular sky light you gain another benefit.  The tubular skylight increases house value.